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Größe Equipment Preis
heavy duty 4 m² Kite Only 599.00€ Request Offer
heavy duty 6 m² Kite Only 759.00€ Request Offer
heavy duty 8 m² Kite Only 859.00€ Request Offer
heavy duty 10,5 m² Kite Only 1099.00€ Request Offer
heavy duty 13 m² Kite Only 1299.00€ Request Offer
performance pur 4 m² Kite Only 699.00€ Request Offer
performance pur 6 m² Kite Only 899.00€ Request Offer
performance pur 8 m² Kite Only 999.00€ Request Offer
performance pur 10,5 m² Kite Only 1299.00€ Request Offer
performance pur 13 m² Kite Only 1499.00€ Request Offer

The revised new generation of our Open Cell Kite, Randas continues the success of it’s predecessor. Excellent lift and hang time potential, as well as tight and dynamic manoeuvrability and stable flight performance setting new standards on snow or land. The huge lift and hang time potential, the tight, dynamic turning and the stable, excellent flying performance set new standards on hard surfaces. The Randas will enable you to boost the freestyle moves on snow, which you’ve learned during your summer sessions on water. Although the Randas is a true freeride kite, freestylers will also get their money’s worth. With „Performance Pur Edition“ we use high-end sail developed from the Paraglider industry, with strictly controlled production quality: D30/D20 With the „Heavy Duty“ edition extremely robust sail: D40

Sizes: 4 / 6 / 8 / 10,5 / 13m2

  • Huge lift 
  • Extended hangtime 
  • Tight, direct turnings 
  • Direct bar feedback 
  • Dynamically flying performance 
  • Wide wind range and great upwind performance 
  • Moderate punch in kiteloops
  • Backline Bridge for easy landing, safety and reverse launching 
  • 4 line safety 
  • High end manufacturing 
  • Sophisticated bridle setup 
  • Durable, light and high value sailcloth 
  • Size optimized vents for perfect shape profiling 
  • Trailing edge openings
Kite, Back Pack Bag, Compression Bag, Repair Kit, JN Master's Craft

International Teamrider Hardy Brandstötter

The Randas is the best Snowkite on the market. It's flying very stable in gusty winds, which is really important in the mountains. It is very light but still solid. But the main reason: the Randas covers perfect performance for all disciplines. As well with freestyling it has a performance, similar to Tubekites. The small package makes hiking and ski touring easier. 
Hardy Brandstötter

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